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Download EthiCola

EthiCola is a program to help students learn moral philosophy.
It was last modified on 27 June 2017.
Click here to run it on Macintosh, or here to run it on Linux.

To install EthiCola in Windows:

After you click, you'll be asked: Do you want to RUN or SAVE this file? Click RUN; and keep insisting, if asked, that yes you do want to run this file. (If you get dire warnings about this being an unknown program that may harm your computer, you'll have to click your way around these warnings.) Soon this dialog box will appear:

Or click here to install EthiCola in Windows

Teachers: Check the box to install the score processor.

After you install EthiCola, click the cola-can icon to start the program:
If you installed to your flash drive, open it using MY COMPUTER so you can get to the EthiCola icon.
Cola-can icon
If you installed to your computer, the icon will be on your desktop or on your Start-menu program list.

Formal Ethics Ethics: A Contemporary Introduction, second edition BOOKS: EthiCola goes with two of Gensler's Routledge books: Ethics: A Contemporary Introduction (2011 & 1998 - and a much improved third edition will be out in January 2018) and Formal Ethics (1996).

TOUCHSCREENS AND TABLETS: You can do EthiCola using only touch, or using mouse-and-keyboard. EthiCola works nicely on Window tablets.

CLOUD SYNC: If you want to install EthiCola on multiple computers (not on a flash drive) and keep EthiCola scoring and configuration data in sync on all these computers, install a free Dropbox on each computer's desktop and turn on Cloud Sync using EthiCola's OPTIONS menu.

Cloud sync uses Dropbox. Click here to get free 2-GB cloud storage.

FURTHER UPDATES: If I modify EthiCola, you can repeat the setup process to update your program. But it's easier to update using TOOLS | UPDATE ETHICOLA on EthiCola's menu bar. Updating either way preserves your scores.

NON-WEB INSTALL: Not using the Web, you can install EthiCola to a flash drive from any computer that has EthiCola installed, using TOOLS | COPY SCORES OR PROGRAM TO FLASH DRIVE on EthiCola's menu bar.

WINDOWS VERSIONS: The current Windows EthiCola should work with Windows XP-Vista-7-8-or-10, whether 32- or 64-bit. For earlier Windows or DOS, use these zipped forms of my earlier MultiCola program for the Ethics and Formal Ethics books and the corresponding score processing program. EthiCola uses a different score format than the earlier MultiCola program; for EthiCola, you need to use the newer EthiSkor score processing program that installs with the EthiCola if you check the box to install it.

MACINTOSH & LINUX: You can also run EthiCola in Macintosh or Linux.

iPads: You can run EthiCola on an iPad (or even an iPhone or iPod Touch) using a "remote server." Open the app store, get the free PocketCloud app, and follow the directions to set up PocketCloud on a Windows computer (on which you install EthiCola). Then you can run EthiCola on your iPad through this remote computer; however it's very slugglish and each remote computer can service only one iPad at a time. But could this basic idea over time evolve into something more usable?

BLACKBOARD: You can set up Blackboard so that students can submit scores as WebCT assignments; see Chris Weigand's YouTube video and written instructions (both are about LogiCola scores, but EthiCola scores work the same way).

SHIRTS: Get a Golden Rule shirt (many styles available).

HANDOUT: Here's a handout about downloading EthiCola that teachers can give to their students.

OLDER BROTHER: EthiCola has an older brother, LogiCola, about logic.

CHROMEBOOKS and ANDROID DEVICES: Codeweavers is working on a program that would let EthiCola (and most other Windows programs) run on Chromebooks and Android devices that use an Intel processor. I've tried a preliminary version of their program on an Acer R11 Chromebook and EthiCola basically works using it, but not all of the features. I hope that the final version will allow a fully functional EthiCola to run.

These are things you can access also from EthiCola's HELP menu:

SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS: videos on the golden rule, help files for EthiCola and EthiSkor, EthiCola News, a teacher manual for the second edition Ethics: A Contemporary Introduction (and for the first edition), and classroom slides for the chapters of Ethics: A Contemporary Introduction: Introduction, Cultural Relativism, Subjectivism, Supernaturalism, Intuitionism, Emotivism, Prescriptivism, Consistency, The Golden Rule, Moral Rationality, Consequentialism, Nonconsequentialism, Virtue, Natural Law, Synthesis Chapter.