Running LogiCola on a Macintosh

(Step 1 - OS) Check which version of the operating system (OS) you have, and write it down. To do this, click the apple and then "About This Mac":


The ABOUT BOX for my Mac Mini shows that I have an OS of 10.12.2:

about box

  • If you have an OS of 10.6 or later (like 10.8 or 10.10 or 10.12 or 10.12.6), you're OK and can go to the next step. Your Mac is probably in this group.
  • If you have an OS of 10.4 or later, but earlier than 10.6, you're OK if the "about box" says that you have an Intel processor - but you can't run LogiCola if you don't have an Intel processor. These Macs are pretty old (roughly 2005 to 2009).
  • If you have an OS earlier than 10.4, you can't run LogiCola, sorry. These Macs are very old.

(Step 2 - rootless) If your OS is 10.11 or later, you may have to disable rootless to allow other programs to run. Holding down these two keys at the same time, COMMAND and R, restart your computer. You can release these keys when you see the apple. This boots you into recovery mode. Go to the menu bar and click UTILITIES and then TERMINAL. In Terminal, type csrutil disable and hit enter. A message like this indicates success: "Successfully disabled System Integrity Protection. Please restart the machine for the change to take effect." Then restart your computer again.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Here are related Terminal commands: reboot restarts your computer, csrutil status shows whether System Integrity Protection is on or off, and csrutil enable turns rootless on (which you can do after you install LogiCola). If you're using a Windows keyboard (as I do with my Mac Mini), then use Win-R instead of Command-R.

(Step 3 - gatekeeper) If your OS is 10.7.5 or later, you may have to disable gatekeeper to allow other programs to run. Go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES (SETTINGS) under the apple menu) and change your SECURITY AND PRIVACY (under GENERAL) setting to allow applications downloaded from ANYWHERE (if you have this option).

NOTES: If these options are dimmed, then you might have to click at the bottom where it says "Click the lock to make changes"; then it will ask for your password.

(Step 4 - Now you install the free program; this uses Wine emulation to run Windows programs on your Mac. Go to Mike Kronenberg's WineBottler download page and scroll down toward the bottom (don't click the WineBottler versions - you want If your OS is 10.6 or later, then download Wine_1.8.3.dmg (for an older OS, download Wine_1.4.dmg). After this downloads, which may take several minutes, click this file from your DOWNLOADS folder; then a box will invite you to install by dragging the wine-bottle icon into the Applications folder (you can ignore the readme.rtf file):

drag to folder

If you get no complaint, then is installed - and then you should then open the APPLICATIONS folder and double-click the program to start it. But you might get this complaint:


If you get this complaint, then first click OK and then return to the SECURITY & PRIVACY box (which you can get by picking SYSTEM PREFERENCES (SETTINGS) under the apple menu); the box may look like this:

wine blocked

Click OPEN ANYWAY at the bottom. If you're asked the same question again, then click the OPEN button again. Finally, go back to the APPLICATIONS folder and double-click the program to start it. You should then see the little wine-glass icon on the menubar at the top of the screen, which indicates that you can now run Windows programs - like LogiCola.

wine bottle

NOTE: My earlier directions, where you download a copy of the free program from my site, caused problems. So you need to download directly from the winebottler site.

(Step 5 - LogiCola Setup) Click here or here to download the normal Windows LogiCola Setup program. If all goes well, the lcsetup.exe file will go to your downloads folder. When you click this file, a LogiCola Setup box pops up:
LogiCola Setup

Toward the bottom, you can check a box to also install the LogiSkor score processing program (for teachers). Toward the top, you can choose to install on a USB FLASH DRIVE (which you can use with various computers, including Windows computers and Macs-with-Wine) or ON MY COMPUTER (which most people will want to do). In the latter case, you'll end up with a LogiCola.exe icon on your desktop (which you can click to start LogiCola), a LogiSkor.exe icon for the scoring program (if you checked the box to install this), and an LC folder for your scores and other supporting files (you must keep the program and folder together, but you can put them together into another subfolder if you'd like):
LC program and folder

To run LogiCola, just double-click the LogiCola.exe file; be patient, since sometimes it takes many seconds to open. The first time you run the program, you may get this box (where "Wine files" are Windows programs):
run directly

Just select RUN DIRECTLY, check DON'T SHOW THIS DIALOG AGAIN, and click GO. LogiCola should run the same as it does on a Windows computer.

For other possible solutions (some of which cost money), Google running Windows programs on a Mac.
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