Running LogiCola on a Macintosh

You can run LogiCola on most recent Macintosh computers. You'll first need to check your operating system (OS). Click the apple and then "About This Mac":

Apple Menu

You're fine if you're using OS 10.7 or above (10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion). You're also fine if your About Box mentions an Intel processor AND OS 10.4-10.6 (10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger). If you're lower than 10.3 (pre-2004), then your Mac belongs in a museum and can't run LogiCola. If all checks out, pick one of these three choices:

A. (recommended)

Go to Mike Kronenberg's WineBottler download page, scroll toward the bottom (don't click on the WineBottler versions), and click on the version that fits your operating system; as of today, Wine 1.8-rc4 (which I use) works for OS 10.6-10.11 while Wine 1.4 works for OS 10.4-10.5. If all goes well, the Wine dmg file will go to your downloads folder. When you click this file, a box pops up that invites you to drag the wine-bottle icon into the Applications folder; once you do it, Wine is installed on your Mac and your Mac will be able to run most Windows programs, including LogiCola.

Then click here to download the normal Windows LogiCola Setup program. If all goes well, the lcsetup.exe file will go to your downloads folder. When you click this file, a LogiCola Setup box pops up. Toward the bottom, you can check a box to also install the LogiSkor score processing program (for teachers). Toward the top, you can choose to install on a USB FLASH DRIVE (which you can use with various computers, including Windows computers and Macs-with-Wine) or ON MY COMPUTER (which most people will want to do). In the latter case, you'll end up with a LogiCola.exe icon on your desktop (which you can click to start LogiCola), a LogiSkor.exe icon for the scoring program (if you checked the box to install this), and later an LC folder for supporting files; if you don't want these items on your desktop, you can move them wherever you like (but keep them together).

Clicking the Wine-icon on the topbar brings up a menu with further choices. I suggest that under Preferences you uncheck the option to display a dialog box whenever you open a Windows program.

There are other Windows programs on my site that you might want to play with (including GENESIS and GRADES). Or you might play with EthiCola, which is a program to help students learn about moral philosophy. Clicking on these on my Web pages puts the corresponding Windows file into your Mac download folder, where you have to click the files to start them.

There are three problems that you may encounter:

  1. If you switch to a new mode of running LogiCola on your Mac (e.g., from Wineskin to, your old scores won't transfer. So send your old scores to your teacher before you switch to a new mode.

  2. In some Mac OS versions (e.g., 10.8 Mountain Lion), you may have to change settings to have LogiCola or Wine run. Go to SETTINGS and change your SECURITY AND PRIVACY setting to allow applications downloaded from ANYWHERE (and not just from the Mac App Store).

  3. In OS 10.11 El Capitan, you may need to disable rootless to allow other programs to run. Follow these steps. (1) Restart your computer, and while it's rebooting hold down COMMAND - R until you see the apple; then it boots into recovery mode. (2) Go to the top menu bar and click Utilities > Terminal. (3) In Terminal, type csrutil disable and hit enter. (4) Then just restart normally and everything should work.

B. Wineskin

This option, which uses Mike Kronenberg's Wineskin technology uses a Mac LogiCola app that runs LogiCola inside a "Windows wrapper" (so you needn't install the program). This requires a Mac of OS 10.5 or above (so it won't work on 10.4 Tiger).

First, click here to download the compressed Mac LogiCola program (last updated 31 August 2013). Then open the downloads folder; double-click the file to uncompress it (unless your Mac already did this); and drag the LogiCola application to the desktop, to a folder, or to a flash drive. Double-click the cola can to start the program (if you run it from a flash drive, it starts very slowly).

When you double-click the cola can, you might get a complaint like " can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." If you see this, then click the OPEN button if you see one. If not, hold down the OPTION key and then double-click the cola can, and then click OPEN and then OPEN. And you may enounter one of the three problems from the end of the last section (which also gives solutions).

This Mac LogiCola format has three special features. (1) It also contains the LogiSkor score-processing program for teachers; to run this, use LogiCola's TOOLS menu. (2) This same TOOLS menu also has an option for running other Windows programs (although some such programs may not run -- you'll have to experiment); you can keep such programs wherever you like (for example, in a folder on your desktop). (3) If you copy this LogiCola application to a flash drive, you can also use the same flash drive to run LogiCola on a Windows computer (keeping your scores and other information intact), where you'll begin by opening the folder and then double-clicking the cola can inside.

If you get an error message "No new wineserver PID found!" when you start LogiCola, then just reboot your Mac and start again.

This mode of running LogiCola starts you off with an older version of LogiCola. Use LogiCola's TOOLS menu to update to the latest version.

C. Other

For other possible solutions (many of which aren't free), Google "running Windows programs on a Mac".

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